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Why list your Business or Portfolio?

Prefab and sustainable housing is a rapidly emerging innovative housing movement. Building in a sustainable way, much quicker and affordable at the same time to meet high demand for housing solutions.

Roofspots has been set up to simplify the process for builders and provide a rich catalog of available Houses, Lots or Services that can assist during this journey.

The site is also intended for building groups who would like to expose their initiative, attract new members and help each other out. Either via their listing and events or actively participate in the Roofspots Community.

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How does it Work?

Are you here for the first time? Then you can add your listing and register an account during the process. Or you can do this directly via the ‘Log in / Register’ button at the top right of the website. Enter your username, e-mail address and a password and make sure to select the PARTNER type to create your account. Please keep your username and password safe for future use. With your Roofspots account you can, for example, adjust your offer or add new offer.

Have you already registered with Roofspots? Then you can log in directly by entering your username and password and you can get started right away.

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Listing Details & Insights

You sell your offer faster when you can show what it is worth by displaying beautiful images on the offer page. You can place high quality images, brochures or maps. Also easily embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in the offer. We’ll place your offer on our Facebook page and Instagram account to draw even more attention to your product or service.

Gather insights about your audience and amount of views via our analytics dashboard.