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Pedalbirds About us -

We´re building the largest discovery platform for bicycle brands and events in the world

Pedalbirds aims to make the world of cycling a little smaller by featuring great brands, shops, places and events all in one place.

Our growing community is used by bike lovers, race-goers, collectors, and first timers to discover, learn about, and experience great cycling culture.

We want to create transparency and find-ability to those who crave new inspiration and insights into their local cycling scene, this means making events and places easier to find.

We hope that with this increased transparency, we are able to ease a potentially daunting experience of cycling or experiencing brands in a new way

For those who work within the cycling industry, it means having access to powerful tools to help you share, promote, and educate about cycling and your events, enabling you to do even more with your products and services.

We cover cycling happenings and events around the world

Pedalbirds provides a community-sourced database of events, allowing professionals and bike enthusiasts alike to have access to and easily navigate the cycling world.

Pedalbirds features the world’s finest and undiscovered brands, shops, places, and events, all in one place.

In short: the best place to explore current and past events.


List your business on Pedalbirds and we’ll share it with a growing community of enthusiasts via our platform, email newsletters, as well as various social media channels (find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). We also publish articles about things going on in the cycling world and share interviews for our community.